Satellite Internet Solutions

Flexible VSAT internet solutions for AFRICA

Fixed VSAT Satellite Internet Solutions

Ku-Band | Ka-Band | C-Band


Helps you to move with satellite Connections


Ultra fast satellite acquisition. Super Easy & Fast to use. Deployment by non technician. Electronic alignment(plug & play operations)

IP Satcube

The smallest VSAT enabling quick access only 8 Kg, Get connected in under a minute. 3 hours battery time. Wi-Fi Ethernet


The flyaway VSAT antenna designed to move easily & be operational easily & quickly over satellite internet up to 50 Mbps.


Operation On the Move

Mobility VSAT
5 Mbps Rx & 2 Mbps Tx

Vehicle IP
Connection up to 50 Mbps

Maritime VSAT Solutions

Superyachts | Commercial Shipping | Cruise Ships | Energy, Oil & Gas | Commercial Fishing, Pleasure Boating | barges

Maritime VSAT Unit

50 Mbps Satellite IP

Mobility VSAT

Ultra fast satellite acquisition. 5 Mbps / 2 Mbps.

MSS Solutions

L-Band GEO & LEO satellite solutions form Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat. We are offering full world services with us
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Maritime Internet
Maritime Internet

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